Robotic Automated Fiber Switching

It’s a Game Changer

Lights-Out Data Centers
• Robotic Patching, 100% accurate recordkeeping, zero human touch
Automated Optical Distribution Frame (ODF)
• Provisioning in minutes vs. days or weeks, service restoration immediate
Submarine Fiber Landing Station Automation
• Ultra long haul dark fiber management, true network visibility
Data Center Bandwidth on Demand
• A la carte for data center customers, the “AWS” for physical connectivity
Physical Network Security
• Achieving zero trust network, removing physical human dependency

ROME® is a robotic optical switch that offers dynamic fiber cross connect capability at layer-0. ROME® enables physical fiber connections to be made automatically, remotely, quickly, and without on-site manual intervention. ROME® delivers superior optical performance and low insertion loss. ROME® is completely transparent to transport protocols, wavelengths and signal rates.

Physical Infrastructure Automated

Data centers are dependent on reliable fiber optic infrastructure to support
mission critical applications. This need is addressed when robotic technology is
combined with fiber optics, infusing the intelligence down to the physical layer.
Fiber Smart Networks global, cross-disciplinary engineering team optimizes this
intersection with its newest innovation, ROME, a robotic fiber switch that can
make hundreds of fiber connections through the click of a button.

Connect Precisely

With ROME, network connections can be created anytime and anywhere. In fact, ROME’s patented mechanical latching technology and fiber management fine tunes these connections to be as precise, stable and reliable as possible.

It’s Software Defined

Automating manual tasks with robots in the Layer-0 connectivity
brings the future dream to reality today.
ROME enables SDN functions and network management for the
entire network.